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Numerous hotels in the Bay Area have collapsed in the past year, and a new survey by the Atlas Hospitality Group shows that they are falling even faster than at the end of 2008. A new report from the American Association of Realtors shows that more than half of hotels in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and San Diego have been burdened with or affected by mortgages.

Real Capital estimates that there are more than 1,000 hotels in the Bay Area with a total mortgage debt of $1.1 billion, according to a recent report by Real Capital Management. A company called AG Inn at the Mall, which lost the property to foreclosure, halted renovations when it ran into financial difficulties. Gomez said he was frustrated by what he saw as the company's lackluster response to the financial crisis and its inaction in the mortgage crisis. The total cost of the redevelopment is about $2.5 million, said Jose Gomez, managing director of AG Hotel Group, a subsidiary of real estate investment company AG Capital.

Sandberg defended Facebook's efforts to remove harmful content, saying the platform has removed millions of posts containing hate speech and banned ads that are divisive, inflammatory or dissuasive to people. In the same email, Gomez also pointed out that voter fraud is permitted on Facebook and Instagram. If there is no truth in these lies, why is it allowed, and if the lies are the truth, then Facebook, Instagram and all the big tech companies must stop letting them flow and pretend they are the truths, "Gomez said in a telephone interview from New York.

Orlowski said a voice like Gomez's could be a big help in getting the message out, given his hundreds of millions of followers. I think it's an important message for the rest of the country, "he said, according to the Associated Press.

Gomez is just one of a growing number of celebrities who have used their platforms to criticize social media for what he calls "big tech," but even he criticizes executives like Facebook's Sandberg, who insist that much of the planning for the riots took place on other, smaller platforms. The company also added posts questioning the election and confirming that Joe Biden was legitimately elected, which it said led the company into a "militarized social movement," according to the Associated Press. Gomez was one of the last celebrities to use her platform to call out Big Tech, including Beyonce, Leonardo DiCaprio, Rihanna, Katy Perry and even the late, great George Clooney.

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If someone has been on your property before, what do you tell others, and has anyone ever told you that?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms have banned President Donald Trump, drawing criticism from some - including the American Civil Liberties Union - for censoring, while others claim the president is abusing his platform to promote violence. It is the latest in a series of recent moves by internet companies to draw attention to companies whose critics say they profit from misinformation and hatred on their platforms. The popular 2020 film, which shows how Silicon Valley's pursuit of profit could pose an existential threat to US democracy, says the changes are positive. We will not tolerate any attempts to lower the ratings of our competitors by negative ratings.

The price was a relative bargain in the struggling commercial real estate market, according to Orlowski-Ahmed, whose buying group was responsible for the $1.5 billion purchase of the hotel from the City of Oakland. To complete the purchase and sweeten the deal further, the original lender, which had foreclosed on the hotel, provided the buyer with financing to complete it. The hotel's original $2.2 billion loan was in default, but the price was considered relatively low given California's struggling commercial real estate market and the threat of bankruptcy. Both Orrowski and Ahmed said they are seeking support from Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.), a Democrat, for his support, including a measure that would hold social media companies accountable for what they are allowed to publish, an effort that has gained momentum and bipartisan support.

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