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In Los Angeles County, where about 44,000 people are homeless, fewer than 1,300 people have been housed in hotels since plans to open 15,000 hotel rooms in the district were announced. California Governor Gavin Newsom announced this week that the state has launched a pilot program to house the homeless in the states and has identified 950 hotels in the states to provide quarantine accommodation to the unsheltered. Most hotels in Oakland and Berkeley are still under 90% full, according to the district, and rooms are not reoccupied when vacancies occur. Numerous messages left with Los Angeles' top hoteliers, including the Bay Area's two largest hotel chains, Marriott International Inc. and Hyatt Hotels Corp., were not returned.

The hotel appears to be doing well, but caution is needed in the city, said Michael D'Alessandro, a spokesman for the Los Angeles County Department of Health.

This Gold Certified hotel offers easy access to Highway 101 and free shuttles to SFO. Located in the west of the city, just blocks from San Francisco International Airport and close to the BART station.

You can get to Embarcadero Station in San Francisco from anywhere in the city by BART, then change to Muni to get to Chase Center. BART is a great way to get outside the San SF city limits without having to get off at the tracking center. BART can be taken to or from any of its EmbARCADero stations or any other hotel anywhere in the city.

The Embarcadero BART station is within ten minutes, but forget about the North Berkeley and Downtown Berkeley stations. EmbARCADero's BART stations are just a 25-minute drive from any other Bay Area hotel, including the Oakland Intercontinental Hotel.

Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway or just a private room, the Oakland Intercontinental Hotel offers a private room with a hot tub. Give up your trip by checking in at one of the many restaurants, bars and cafés on site, as well as a variety of restaurants and bars.

Travelers looking at their wallets will appreciate the low price tag that is easy to find in a city like San Francisco. OmniSan Francisco Hotel offers a limited stay in the park, a private room with a hot tub and a variety of restaurants and cafés. Your room is simple, but you can have everything from a shared bathroom to a fully equipped kitchen, private shower and bath.

Save up to 60% on this South San Francisco hotel with Hotwire's Hot Rate Deals and search for a stay at West Side Ymca for $60 per night. Prices are also lower in the west of the city, such as the South Side Hotel and the East Side Hotel.

Search for free at most hotels, including a 60% discount on daily rates at Hotwire's Hot Rate Deals. Look for a free stay at West Side Ymca for $60 per night, which includes a 30% discount on the hotel's daily hot-rate offers. Look for a 50% discount on this West San Francisco hotel with up to 60% off.

The Loews has the advantage of occupying one of the most expensive hotel rooms in San Francisco, with an average price of $1,500 to $2,000 per night, depending on the room. The U. InterContinental San Francisco ranks 32nd on Tripadvisor's luxury hotels list, behind only Marriott International (# 1) and the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in New York City. See our list of 103 of the 247 hotels in and around San SF, ranked 4th out of 5 by TripAdvisor. I was fascinated by the view from the top floor of this hotel, as well as the views of downtown and downtown Oakland, and I am a big fan of its location in the city.

Let's take advantage of our stay at this downtown San Francisco hotel with one of the best views of downtown Oakland and the Bay Area from the top floor of the hotel.

This is a great hotel option if you're thinking of staying in the East Bay, but you'll need to stay in San Francisco for a little more than a few days.

The San Francisco Inn is the only Bay Area hotel with a flat screen TV that offers a plush room in this B & B.

Similar to this earlier project, the state signed a contract on behalf of Alameda County to lease 393 hotel rooms at two Oakland hotels. A seasoned hospitality professional, Durkin has served on the hotel industry's board of directors for more than 25 years, including as president and CEO of the San Francisco International Hotel & Lodging Association (SFIHLA) and vice president of operations for the Bay Area Express Hotels Association. His more than 25-year career includes leadership positions in hotels, restaurants, hotels and other hospitality industries. Since 2000, he has been Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Oakland Intercontinental Hotel Group, Inc., a subsidiary of Marriott International.

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