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The city of Oakland in the East Bay has a moment when it comes to its food scene, and it's one of the best in the country. New restaurants appear and a gourmet frenzy moves like a swarm of bees across the city.

While no one questions San Francisco as a world-renowned foodie destination, food in Oakland is hella underrated. What many eaters forget is that Oakland has never been short of good food, just as it was in San Francisco. The Northern California city is sometimes in the culinary shade, but I think the locals prefer it because it makes it much easier to get a table at their favorite table. Oakland has some incredibly good food, and it's as good or better than any other city in the country.

This modern place in Jack London Square offers everything you could want for legal Middle Eastern food, from shakshuka to a mezze sampler that contains the best Muhamarra you've ever had. As classic as it may be, there's nothing wrong with the smothered chicken, candied sweet potato and spicy pork belly. In Old Oakland, Miss Ollie's offers a wide selection of fried chicken wings and chicken wings, as well as a wide selection of salads. San Francisco tastes like burritos, but Oakland tastes more like sizzling Korean bulgogi and bubbling mac and cheese.

A is sold out and one of the few places in town with a full service restaurant and bar, as well as the only one in Oakland.

People will tell you there's no better ramen in Oakland, but you have to pay twice as much and expect to wait longer. Middle Eastern food, I am Not to mention the chef Reem Assil, who was so successful in California and behaved so well that she opened the restaurant with chef Daniel Patterson. Asian food that you could eat in San Francisco because there are just as many quality options. There is no shortage of Asian food here, although the line for weekend brunch at Aunt Mary's is smaller than in San Francisco.

Nite Yun trained as a chef in San Francisco and then opened a store in more affordable Oakland, then trained in New York City and Los Angeles before opening his own restaurant.

Those looking for an authentic Oakland experience may avoid this popular spot, but they would miss the smoked sweet potatoes and fresh tomatoes. There is actually an Oakland Food Tour that starts at the Temescal Farmer's Market (and I'm not kidding). Anyone who has ever crossed the Bay Bridge should visit the fried chicken palace, a woman-run restaurant that started as a farmers market stall. Since Hank moved to Oakland, tables have been booked in his growing Bay Area empire of restaurants and bars.

Forget the Rockridge, Oakland market hall and head north to Oakland Farmers' Market for a wide variety of fresh, local food.

In Alameda County and in the city of Oakland, California, there is more for those in need. Below is a list of food stocks and food banks in Oakland that can help families and individuals in need.

The same report found that the average supermarket is in the Oakland Hills, where the median household income is $58,000. We obtained information about producer and farmer markets from the US Department of Agriculture's National Agricultural Statistics Service (NAS).

The average price - outside the supermarket - is in the lowlands, where median household income is $32,000, according to the Food Policy Institute, an Oakland-based organization that focuses on environmental, health and food issues. The Swan Market is located on the corner of Telegrafenstraße / San Pablo Street in the south of Oakland Market, just outside downtown Oakland.

At OAK, the menu is prepared from scratch, and all ingredients come from local farms, farmers markets and other local sources. In the same location, Oakland Draft House will offer a full-service bar and restaurant, a beer garden, and a variety of craft beers, wines, spirits, beers and wine cocktails and cocktails.

There has been much talk about this Michelin-starred joint, perhaps because it is just a few blocks from the city's largest grocery store. The menu includes a variety of dishes from farms, farmers markets and other local sources, as well as local ingredients.

This is another Michelin-starred restaurant where you can eat without having to spend endless time or money. He found fame at the KronnerBurger Pop - up in San Francisco, but closer to home he has been enjoying his own private dinner experience with family and friends for years.

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