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There are some great national destinations to explore here at home, and the city of Oakland, California, is one of them. Oakland has unique attractions and activities and is the place to be in summer. We've put together five reasons why. The city is rooted in people who live in Oakland and commute, but it is not the most popular city in California for summer vacation destinations, with that honor going to San Francisco.

This exhibition tells a fresh history of the development of hip-hop and includes a collection of original music videos, photographs, interviews with artists and musicians as well as an interactive exhibition. Oakland's art and cultural history has given way to rapid economic and cultural change. This article examines Oakland's history and role as a hub for jazz and blues music, drawing on the lessons learned from virtual reality projects to recreate the thriving jazz, blues, and club scene from the mid-1960s to the 1970s.

Old Oakland is, to its name, one of the best places in town to see Oakland as it was long ago. The Oakland Estuary overlooks the southern end of downtown and ferries from Alameda to Oakland take just under 30 minutes across the bay to the San Francisco embarkation point. An efficient BART subway system runs through downtown Oakland, providing easy access to major attractions such as the Oakland Museum of Art and the Golden Gate Bridge. The entertainment district, which houses Oakland's two main sports venues, is also among the areas with convenient BART services.

If you plan to spend a lot of time in Oakland, visit the Oakland Public Library and do what locals do: If you have more than a few hours in Oakland, visit some of the city's many museums, galleries, restaurants and other attractions. Oakland Urban Paths offers group hikes and the East Bay Bike Party is a monthly horseback riding festival where everyone is welcome.

History of science and the arts, which has shaped the state for more than 100 years, from the early 19th century to the present day. The EBNHS invites you to visit its predominantly concentrated collection, the Oakland Natural History Museum, for the first time. In 2014, the City of Oakland and NCCAAHL teamed up to create the East Bay Natural Sciences and Arts Center, an art museum and museum in Oakland, California.

When completed in 2016, the mural will be celebrated by the community it represents and capture Oakland's cultural history in a unique way.

If you're traveling to Northern California, add Oakland to your list of places to visit, but if you're planning a quick detour through Oakland, you should stick to the main attractions in central areas. If you respect Oakland's rich cultural diversity, the city will give you an experience you can't have anywhere else, including San Francisco. This club is home to musicians from around the country who are based in Oakland.

First Friday is common enough in most cities, but if you want to avoid the crowds, stay away from the city center. Look, there aren't many people in Oakland who don't know San Francisco is more famous and more populous. But that doesn't make Oakland any less of a city, and the term "San Francisco" (the real one), or "the city" as it is, has gained some facets - the eyes of the locals. Most of these cities are in the same locations as other Bay Area cities, such as Oakland or San Jose.

That's not to say Oakland has resisted technology-driven gentrification, but we've seen prices rise as bargains - seekers are moving north from Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Because of Oakland's large artistic community, Huss said, it has the ability to award 51 percent more commissions to its artists than any other city in the Bay Area. Serrano says the reality in Oakland is that the problem is worse than that, and that's because it's a center of economic development.

Fresh, local food is important in Oakland, and the city's many farmers markets foster that spirit in the area.

It costs less than $10 to get pretty much anywhere in the Bay Area, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Jose, but it's only ideal if you plan to spend time in or near the South Bay. There are about a dozen farmers markets in Oakland, followed by a few more in Berkeley, Santa Cruz, Hayward, Alameda, Oakland - Contra Costa County or San Mateo County. It is the furthest from Oakland, but only about an hour and a half's drive from downtown, So there is plenty of time for a quick stop in one or two of these markets.

Southern Pacific Railroad has had a stranglehold on Oakland Waterfront for years and was one of the first major employers in Oakland. There has always been a strong connection between the Bay Area and the city of Oakland and its waterfront. Oakland is in many ways like a cross between San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Jose, but with some differences.

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