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re a local or a Bay Area visitor and want to have fun with your family, here are 50 things to do with kids in Oakland. If you want to stay in San Francisco but have your eyes on San Francisco, the best area to stay is on the Oakland coast. Whether you want to explore the wonders of Oakland or use it as a base to explore SanSF, we bring you a list of the "best places to stay" while you stay in Oakland.

A touch of Venice and Lake Merritt is in downtown Oakland, Oakland Square has attractions and entertainment of all kinds.

This includes a farmers market held in East Bay on Sundays, which is a favourite with locals and visitors alike. There is also a great Visit Oakland tourist shop in Jack London Square, and it is really helpful if you plan your time in Oakland to catch up on local events in your area.

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The Paramount Theater, a historic landmark in Oakland, was built in 1921 and restored to its original state - the - of technology. Here you will find information about the history, restoration and special events of the theatre as well as a complete list of events and activities.

The building is closely linked to sporting events such as the Oakland Athletics and Oakland Raiders football games. Designed by renowned Oakland architect William Olmsted, who also designed the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco Bay Bridge, the cemetery is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Oakland, California, and offers sweeping views of San Diego, Oakland Bay and the Bay Area.

Many tourists and locals who come here say that it is one of the best places to hike when you are in Oakland, especially in spring and fall.

The Landing Cafe offers stunning views of the Bay Area and the Oakland Zoo also offers breathtaking views. Climb aboard the gondola at the new California Trail exhibition and experience the zoo from above, forgetting that you have nowhere else to go. This is another tourist attraction in Oakland, but it's worth the drive through the San Francisco Bay Area. The new gondolas take guests high up the still-expanded California Trail, and you can catch a ferry to visit San Francisco and Vallejo, as well as the ferry to and from Oakland.

San Francisco may get all the glory, but the East Bay is the place where the family should be, and locals call this side of the bay the "East Bay" (or more accurately, the East Coast of the Bay Area). Find some fun places and things to do with your parents, or find a fun place in Oakland that you really should visit, such as the Oakland Museum of Natural History or the Oakland Public Library.

The historic monuments and tourist attractions of Oakland are not your vocation, but some also offer fun family experiences, such as the Oakland Museum of Natural History and the Oakland Public Library and San Francisco Bay Area Museum.

To keep kids happy, check out this list of things families have to do with their kids at the Oakland Museum of Natural History. Located in the heart of Oakland, California, just a few miles north of San Francisco, this zoo is home to more than 400 native and exotic animals. Just a short walk from BART Station and the Golden Gate Bridge, the zoo also houses some of the world's most popular zoo animals, including lions, tigers, elephants, rhinos and rhinos. In a small park near Oakland's central business district and close to the Bay Area's major transportation hubs, it housed more than 400 native and exotic animals in its first year of operation.

If you're a sports fan, one of the major tourist attractions in Oakland is still the Coliseum, home to the Oakland Raiders, Oakland Athletics and San Francisco 49ers football teams. Those visiting Raiders fans want to stay as close to the Oakland Coliseum as possible, so getting there on game days is easy. Some of Oakland's most famous sports teams, known only for their home games, include the San Jose Earthquakes and Oakland A's, as well as other major Bay Area teams such as the Golden State Warriors, San Diego Chargers, Los Angeles Chargers and Sacramento Kings.

I hope this post has encouraged you to definitely add the silver-gray Bay Bridge to your list of activities in Oakland and add one or even two more days to help you cross the Bay Bridge and enjoy Oakland. If you travel to the area, you will find that the Oakland Coliseum, home to the Golden State Warriors, is a perfect base for a day in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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